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21 Days is Over!

I must say I am sorry for how long I’ve taken to post about this new vegan diet. The days just flew by. I meant to sit down and write a million times but just didn’t have the chance. Writing is hard. It’s easy to talk about but sometimes tough to put the pen to paper.

Anyway, it is now day 23 of the 21-day vegan challenge. I can honestly say; this transformation was a challenge in the beginning. However, the likelihood of going back to how I used to eat is minimal. I think Amanda and I have decided to take the vegan approach as much as possible. It’s easy at this point to eat vegan. The best part about it for me has been experimenting with new varieties of food. The first week I wrote about artichoke stew and how awesome it is. It is awesome, but since then I’ve eaten so many other great things, I don’t even know where I’d put it on the list of awesomeness. To me, I look back on my old diet. Meat and potatoes, meat and pasta or meat and rice. It was just so boring. How many times ca…
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A Journey Into Vegan Returns

A Journey Into Vegan Returns

Guest Blog by Jim McMahon

Hello everyone. I lied to everyone. I said I’d update this thing after a day or two, it’s been too long! Sorry. Life just doesn’t stop. Time flies by, the next thing you know, you’re a week into being vegan. Amanda and I have antenna TV, cut the cord years ago. I really wanted to just watch In the Heat of the Night, but felt compelled to write. I wonder what they thought of vegan in Sparta, MS back in the 90s? Back in those days, people just drank a ton of Snapple and ate Snackwells by the dozen. As long as it was Low Fat!
Enough of my awful attempt at humor. Let’s get serious. I left off writing this to you in the middle of day 4. I must say we’re on day 7 and I cannot believe it’s been a week. I am enjoying a small serving of vegan ice cream just to kill my sugar urge while typing this up. 1/3 the way thru the goal and I am already thinking about how I don’t want to stop eating this way after 21 days. I think what I have eaten o…

A Journey Into Vegan

A Journey Into Vegan
Guest Blog by Jim McMahon
I know what you’re thinking. It’s another person telling me how to eat and live my life. Someone telling me I need to eat this and not that. It’s funny, one of my dad’s employees was telling me how you know if someone is a vegan. You will know because they will tell you all about it! Well. Yes. I am going to tell you all about it. 
Recently, my wife Amanda went to a seminar at her work hosted by former University of Michigan football player, Mark Ramirez. You can read his story here, To make a long story short, Mark inspired my wife to try this whole thing out. He talked about how he was a type II diabetic but now takes no medication. He grew up in a culture surrounded by bad eating habits. Check out his story, it’s really cool. He watched a documentary, forks over knives a few years back. Ever since being inspired by the movie, a plant-based diet is how he’s lived since 2011 and he feels great.